Are You Able To Ride The Waves Of Change?

Tue March 7th 2017

Change is evitable, and big life events can be positively or negatively intensified if you’re not prepared. Could any of these be just around the corner for you or perhaps you’re already experiencing some of these life events?

Change is evitable, and big life events can be positively or negatively intensified if you're not prepared. Could any of these be just around the corner for you or perhaps you're already experiencing some of these life events?

Job change

Changing jobs often means an increase in income and so it's the perfect time to review your savings portfolio. It may be possible to increase your savings to achieve your goals sooner rather than later; or perhaps you could look to pay a little bit extra off the mortgage each month.

Getting married

All of a sudden your household income may well increase with two incomes coming in rather than one. It's important that both you and your partner align your investment strategies and financial plans so that they complement each other.

Starting a family

This is another significant life change that will see you becoming financially responsible for your children. You may want to divert some of your savings to safeguarding the future of your child and you'll also need to ensure that you're adequately insured to protect your family should anything happen to you.

Buying a house

Becoming a home owner with the responsibilities of a mortgage is a major life change. It's a very competitive market out there and you will want to make sure you get the best mortgage deal possible.

Nearing retirement

If you're nearing retirement, then your financial goals are concerned with having an adequate income once you have stopped working. Making the most of KiwiSaver and ensuring your investment strategy and savings plan are maximised and are as risk-free as possible will be top of your list of priorities.

Other life changes

Aside from the major ones we've already looked at, there are other changes that could well impact on your financial planning. Whether it's getting divorced, moving overseas or taking care of a loved one, if you have experienced any of these events then it's worthwhile taking stock of your situation.

The only certain thing in life is that nothing stays the same and so taking the time to review whether your finances are still working for you will pay dividends in the long run. At Cave Financial we adopt a holistic approach and offer impartial, tailored expert advice because as people's needs change, the emphasis shifts between insurance, debt repayment, savings and investing.

We know you'll probably do OK in life without us and we also know that if you make your own plan, you'll most likely do better than someone with no plan at all. However, developing your plan with our external coaching and expertise will get you to where you want much faster.

External coaching helps you to benchmark where you're at and provides greater accountability and discipline. It also helps to shape better financial decisions and gives you access to knowledge you otherwise wouldn't be privy to. You may not be able to control the vagaries of the financial markets and interest rates, but with an external coach and regular reviews you can more confidently ride the waves of change.

So, make sure your finances are still working for you and contact us today to set up your review.

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