Planning For Retirement Or Want To Save Money On Insurance? Use Our Online Tools!

Mon April 15th 2019

Cave Financial's website has a range of new tools and resources that allow you to quickly and easily obtain life and health insurance as well as checking up on your retirement plans. It will suit those of you that like the convenience and speed of online applications.

Cave Financial has developed a range of online tools that are designed to offer a more flexible and responsive service. And they may even save you money! Here's an overview of what's available in the tools and resources section, with the spotlight on three tools in particular and how they can help you.

Retirement Calculator

Simple and easy to use, the retirement calculator will help you determine whether your KiwiSaver will be enough for your retirement. By answering a few straightforward questions, the calculator displays in a colourful graph format the annual NZ Superannuation you can expect to receive on retiring.

The tool then goes on to help you identify a retirement goal or the annual income that you would like to receive on retirement. And finally the tool helps you understand how long your KiwiSaver savings will last and whether they are sufficient to meet your needs. The calculator allows you to adjust the parameters so that you can clearly see what a difference even a small increase in your KiwiSaver could make to your income on retirement. And once again all the options are presented in an eye-catching and easily understood visual format.

Health Insurance Online Tool

If time is on the short side and you're looking for a quick and easy quote for you and your family, then check out the website's online application tool. Delivered in partnership with Accuro Health Insurance, the application tool is super easy to complete and will only take a few moments of your time. Our partner, Accuro Health Insurance, is a New Zealand owned, not-for-profit health insurance provider.

You can even upload your medical details and supporting information to speed up the application process. And it means that you can have peace of mind knowing that Accuro has full knowledge of any medical conditions so that when it comes to making a claim, you shouldn't need to provide any additional medical reports.

Signing up online using this great tool allows you to quickly buy cover direct. And you'll also be eligible for special discounts compared to other providers.

Life Insurance Online Tool

And much like the health insurance tool, this online resource enables you to easily sign up for life insurance in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse. Offered in partnership with Pinnacle Life, this tool will make sure that you and your family are covered even if the unexpected were to occur. Peace of mind is on offer in an instant as well as savings of up to 20 per cent. So if you haven't got round to sorting out your life insurance, then get online now.

Flexibility And Choice

Not everyone likes the do it yourself, online option. Some people prefer to sit down and have a discussion with an expert before signing up for anything. And while these online tools and resources are big on convenience and speed, there is still the option of having a personal interview with Michael should you prefer. All you need to do is get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Flexibility and choice is our aim in providing these resources and so why not explore the online tools that are available and take advantage of the savings on offer as well.

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