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Case Study: Achieve Peace Of Mind With A Financial Plan

Thu May 18th 2017

'Paying off the mortgage seemed like a bit of a dream, but Michael helped us to develop a financial plan that has made it achievable,' that's the experience of two long-standing Cave Financial Consulting clients, Mark and Jennie Roberts.

Like many of us, Mark and Jennie hadn't really given financial planning any great thought until they experienced a life change. 'It was the birth of our first child and a desire for me to be a stay-at-home mum that was the impetus for us making a financial plan,' advises Jennie. 'It was Michael who first suggested it to us and we thought what a great idea,' continues Jennie.

Planning provides clarity and confidence

For Mark and Jennie it is the clarity and confidence that the financial plan has provided that have been the main benefits. 'The process made us sit down and think about our end goals, what's important to us as a family and the lifestyle that we want to achieve,' says Jennie. 'Michael is great at explaining all the options and also presents them in a very visual way. It's not all numbers and words, he uses lots of graphs and pictures which makes it all very accessible and easy to understand. We really feel as though we are making informed decisions,' Jennie adds.

What's more, it has made their financial goals more achievable. Jennie explains, 'It's amazing how a few small changes can make big differences over time. We're just an average family, but the financial plan has really helped us to prioritise what's important. For us it's paying off the mortgage as soon as possible and through the financial plan, Michael has taught us that you can still have a good lifestyle while at the same time achieving your goals.'

Achieve your financial goals

What are your long-term plans? How will you finance your lifestyle in retirement? And how will you support your children through university? These are all issues that most of us have thought about, but not many of us have actually planned for. Having a financial plan in place will help you to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals and gives you peace of mind that you're properly prepared for life's eventualities.

Sometimes life can throw us an unexpected curve ball, but the beauty of a financial plan is that it can be changed and adapted to fit your circumstances. It takes away that fear of the unknown and gives you confidence that even if you do stray off the track, revising the plan will soon get back to where you want to be.

What's more, the sooner you start, the sooner you will be reaping the rewards that a financial plan offers. And so if you want to be like Mark and Jennie Roberts and have that clarity and real sense of purpose about where you're going financially, then get in touch with the expert team here at Cave Financial today. Don't leave your financial future to chance, get yourself on track now towards achieving your goals

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"Michael has consistently provided excellent service, financial advice, support and follow-up on insurance services for my business. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone needing clear and honest financial advice."
James McGoram

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