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Case study: James Boughey mortgage

Tue Nov. 15th 2016

Complicated mortgage made simple

Business owner James Boughey has a busy working life – so much so that he and his partner decided they really needed a getaway – somewhere they could escape to on weekends. They wanted a reclusive holiday home where they could relax and recharge for the next working week.

James found the perfect place, and it looked like it was in their price range – but making the purchase wasn't straightforward.

"We were scratching around for the deposit. I had plenty of assets, and even cash, but all those accounts were frozen because I was still involved in asset negotiation with my ex-wife."

Lots of detail, several banks

Dennis, property broker with Cave Financial, took James' case on and went to several banks looking for the best mortgage finance deal. Each bank wanted exhaustive details – about the company James owns, his income for the last few years, and a lot of other documentation.

"Dennis was great. He went above and beyond, took all that off my hands. He collected up all the information, did all the negotiating and made it easy for us."

Deal done, property bought

At last a deal was struck with one bank, mortgage finance was organised and James could make the final purchase on the retreat he and his partner so badly needed. How does he feel now?

"Pretty damn fine, actually. We love our new place – it's exactly what we needed to escape and unwind."

A humbling experience

Before his marriage split-up, James had a mortgage-free property and cash in the bank. He found having to go cap in hand to a bank for a loan a big change – and a humbling experience.

"That was the best thing about Dennis – he was sensitive to our problem. It might not seem big to some, but to us it was huge, and he was very understanding."

James was so appreciative of Dennis' help that he has strongly recommended him to his family. Any friends thinking of buying property get an enthusiastic earful from him about Cave Financial.

"I wouldn't hesitate to go to Dennis again myself. He's the best."

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James McGoram

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