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Take A Break From “Eustress” and Don’t Bring Your Briefcase To The Beach

Wed May 20th 2015

Take A Break From "Eustress"

You've heard of distress, but psychologists warn that we're also worn out by "eustress"—extended periods of being "up" and "on." If you want to stay healthy, creative, and productive, you have to give your brain and body regular breaks from every kind of stress.

Plan some Free Days—even just one!—when you can just be, with no demands on your time and attention. When you come back, you'll have so much more to offer.


Don't Bring Your Briefcase To The Beach

Your brain is a smart rat and will find that cheese of distraction no matter where you hide it. The only—only—way to rejuvenate your mind is to completely take away the possibility of work-related thoughts and activities for a pre-determined, non-negotiable time.

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