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How using a broker could save you $$$

As mortgage brokers we can take away the stress, save you time and negotiate with banks on your behalf to get you the best mortgage deal. Even better, all of this is at no cost to you, as the banks pay us directly for the advice we give.

Not only are there some great mortgage rates available at the moment, there are also generous cashback contributions available from banks. But they don't all offer the same deals to everyone. Your existing bank may even offer you a deal to keep you. Acting as your broker, we are able to negotiate between banks to see if they will match or better the offer you have received from other lenders. Banks do not make this common knowledge though, so make sure you speak to us before accepting an offer.

There are several areas to consider when re-fixing your mortgage: Break Fees, Interest rates, Cash Contributions and the new Loan Structure you use.

Banks will often charge you a break fee, but the savings made by the new lower interest rate is often significantly more than the break fee. We will calculate this for you and can advise whether re-fixing is a suitable, worthwhile option for you. Also, by including the potential cashback contribution, the savings could be are even greater. The structure of your mortgage makes a huge difference to how much interest you will pay over the length of your mortgage. We can offer advice about how you can take advantage of this and save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

A review of your current situation helps you see if you are optimising the way your mortgaged is structured for your current status.

Contact us today or call us on 09 985 3033 for a free no obligation chat to see how you can save on your repayments and pay off your mortgage sooner. Don't delay as these low rates won't be around for much longer. You have nothing to lose and LOTS to gain.

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