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When do you need a mortgage broker?

When do you need a mortgage broker?

1. Refinance

Locked into your current bank? Needing help with shopping around? We provide a cost effective, tailored and simple process to help you refinance whether it be restructuring to reduce debt or simply changing banks without the hard work.

2. New purchase (Owner occupied and investment)

We specialise in walking you through the purchase of a new property for Owner or Investment purposes. These include Apartments, Town houses, Holiday homes, Lifestyle blocks and residential land.

3. Business Lending

Starting up a business? Needing to restructure your existing mortgage into your business? Let us help take the hard work out of the process and achieve your goal with minimal effort.

4. High risk lending

Been declined by your bank before? Do you have bad credit, income or account conduct issues? We specialise in getting a "Yes" when all you have been hearing is "No".

5. Re fixing existing loans

Already have a loan structure? Great, we can work with your bank on negotiating rates and processing the refix process without you having to worry about a thing.

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"Michael has a wealth of information to share with regards to financial planning...he has always provided valuable information to both my clients and me without being a pushy sales person! "
Vijay Nyayapati

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