Cave Financial Services

Brett Sargent

Authorised Financial Adviser

Phone: 021 222 0700

Brett has a drive to help people make positive, life-changing financial decisions. This is what led him to leave a successful international career, including a role as Global Finance Manager for Shell, to become an Authorised Financial Adviser in New Zealand.

Brett's clients get the benefit of these years of professional experience. This includes a strategic, defensive approach – he knows how to examine potential investments from every angle, eliminating unnecessary risks and making clients feel secure in their choices. He takes the time to get to know clients properly, so he can design solutions that work for them.

It's all part of his passion for evidence-based, ethical investment strategies. Brett believes in finding a process that works and sticking with it.

Outside of work, Brett enjoys golf, cricket, and tennis, but spends most of his leisure time with wife Liana and their two young sons. He's also a member of Toastmasters, and uses his speaking skills to help educate the public on financial literacy.

"Michael has consistently provided excellent service, financial advice, support and follow-up on insurance services for my business. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone needing clear and honest financial advice."
James McGoram

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