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KiwiSaver and Investments

KiwiSaver and Investments

Regularly investing in an investment portfolio or retirement account can lead to huge long-term benefits.

Investing is a great way of ensuring we have a level of income come retirement that we are happy with. Investing in KiwiSaver is an easy and affordable way of saving for your retirement, with the added benefit of employer and government contributions to boost your balance and fast-track you to achieving your goals.

Retirement is far from the only financial goal we have in life. Our other financial objectives may be buying a house, a car, going on a dream holiday, or helping our kids through school and University.

Investing in stocks and shares, funds, and property are an effective way to grow your savings to achieve your goals, or to produce a regular income and enrich your life.

We understand that the markets can appear complex and full or jargon, but we aim to take the confusion away and highlight the benefits of investing.


Lump Sum Investing

Regular Ongoing Investing

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