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Lifestyle & Money Mastery Programme

Whilst we have the ability to access and advise you on many different products, at Cave Financial we believe financial wellbeing is more than just selling products, that's why we have created our Lifestyle & Money Mastery Programme.

The Programme is designed to provide practical financial advice and address any financial challenges you face, whilst teaching you how to direct your cashflow and create smart financial goals to building wealth. Together we will map out the actions required to reaching your goals, and provide you with the tools and knowledge to manage your finances going forward.

We offer a flexible and tailored plan of 4,8, or 12 months coaching depending on your current situation and what you want to achieve. The programme consists of a structured number of face-to-face meetings, with extra work to be carried out behind the scenes (from both parties!)

What can you expect from the Lifestyle & Money Mastery Programme?

The programme is tailored specifically to your needs and goals, however some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Your financial know how - what you can spend, and what you can do to improve cash management
  • Exploring your goals - identifying your risk tolerance and finding a strategy that works for you
  • Investment Strategies - how to build your optimal portfolio and how you could benefit from diversification
  • Protecting what matters by taking risk off the table at the best possible cost
  • How to become tax efficient
  • Develop a debt analysis management plan - make debt work better and in line with your lifestyle and financial goals

What is the process?

There is a level of accountability to ensure you achieve the goals you set and ultimately get the lifestyle you want. However, you will not be alone! Together we will create a personalised plan, including agreeing key actions for you to complete, in realistic time frames. The programme includes a number of face-to-face sessions and follow-up calls where we can discuss your progress or any obstacles you may have come up against. We provide support tools, templates, guides and relevant reading materials, as well as our invaluable experience and expertise, and introduction to other established financial professionals.

If you want to sharpen your financial expertise for future success, contact us to discuss how the Lifestyle & Money Mastery Programme could work for you.

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"Michael has a wealth of information to share with regards to financial planning...he has always provided valuable information to both my clients and me without being a pushy sales person! "
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