2 Words That Will Change the Way You Shop

Mon March 11th 2019

With internet shopping so readily available nowadays or window shopping, what do you do when you see things that you 'just MUST have'? Maybe it's time you start telling yourself these two words..

I love purses—like, I really, really love purses. I don't think you understand how much I love purses.

So when I see a cute purse in the store I really love, I want to buy it right then and there! I almost can't help myself. I have to have that purse!

But that's when I think back to a lesson my mom taught me many years ago: wait overnight.

My husband Winston and I have decided that when we're about to make a big purchase—or even a smaller purchase that's more than you usually spend on that item—it's best to take a breath, let the emotion die down, and wait overnight.

When you sleep on the decision, you put some time between your emotions and the transaction. You wake up the next morning with a fresh perspective. You may ask yourself, Do I really need that?

Here's the catch: Even if you sleep on the decision and wake up the next morning ready to make the purchase, you still need to pay cash. The money needs to be there in your bank account. Making an impulse purchase with a credit card is just putting one bad decision on top of another one.

Also, ask yourself, Do I really need this item right now? Chances are, you don't. If you're honest with yourself, that question should give you a healthy dose of perspective.

In my situation, I bought that purse two years ago, and I still use it during the summer. It's a high-quality, beautiful purse and, to me, it was totally worth it!

Purses might not be your thing. You might be into televisions, shoes, golf clubs or even boats. But this rule applies for anything. Impulse buying can really wreck your finances.

So if you have cash and you agree on the decision with your spouse, there's nothing wrong with making that purchase. Just wait overnight!

You can thank my mom for that little tip.

By Rachel Cruze from daveramsey.com

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