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Taking on a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. With Cave Financial's Mortgage brokerage service, you can be sure it's the right one. We're finance experts, not just brokers, so we look at the Big Financial Picture of your situation and the market in general.

Making sane decisions in a crazy market

In today's overheated housing market, even a modest home or investment property will set you back at least half a million dollars. That level of investment means that every decision is critical - your lender, your rate, your mortgage term.

It's easy to get overwhelmed if you're not an expert, so it's important to get good, sound advice from an experienced - and unbiased - expert. That's where our mortgage brokering service comes in.

First Time Buyers

As exciting as buying your first home can be, it can also be quite daunting and overwhelming. Small mistakes or misunderstandings can cost big further down the line, that's why it's key to get expert advice from the off. 

Together we will look at ways to raise your deposit faster, explore the true costs of buying a property, and how to keep your mortgage affordable. 

All of this will mean you buy your first home with the right financial backing, and send you on the path of being a home owner with knowledge and confidence. 

Moving Home and Additional Borrowing

Have you outgrown your first home and looking to upgrade? Maybe your children have flown the nest and it's time to downsize. 

Moving home or borrowing additional funds can sometimes be more complicated than buying your first home - you may need a bridging loan for example, and even if you are applying to the same lender, the bank will likely require a new application or valuation on your property. We can help you understand the buy/sell process and how to put together a solid application. 

Property Investors

Investing in property is a great way of generating income and realising asset appreciation, but there are many things you should consider such as should I keep my personal and investment property portfolio's separate, and just how much debt will be paid off by the rental income?

We will work with you to structure your portfolio to your advantage, whether this be in terms of tax liability, splitting the lending across various lenders so no one bank has a hold over all of your securities, or giving you the know-how for future investing. 

Refix, refinance, and restructure existing loans

Already have a loan structure? Great, we can work with your bank on negotiating new rates and processing the refix without you having to worry about a thing.

Locked into your current bank? Needing help with shopping around? We provide a cost effective, tailored and simple process to help you refinance whether it be restructuring to reduce debt or simply changing banks without the hard work.

Commercial Loans

Just like you would with a residential mortgage, you should always search the market for the best possible fit for your business when it comes to your commercial property.

Most lenders will require a large amount of documentation and evidence that your business is financially sound. Using our knowledge and experience, you will be best placed to submit a strong application.

If you’ve had a ‘no’ from your main bank

Have you been declined by your bank before? Do you have bad credit, low income or past account conduct issues? Perhaps you are newly self-employed and don't have the sufficient accounts and financials that the banks require.

We work with a range of non-bank lenders who specialise in getting you a "Yes" when all you have been hearing is "No".

Advice, expertise, connections

With our experience and expertise, we can offer you great advice, insider knowledge of the property market, and fantastic mortgage rate options. We are accredited with all of the banks, including some 2nd tier lenders, meaning we have access to a range of providers and products to ensure we can get the right fit for you.

We can look at all your investments, insurances, and debts, and give you educated advice based on your overall financial situation.

It's about giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to make great decisions and look forward to a positive financial future.

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  • Cave Financial have given us excellent advice on both our KiwiSaver and Investment Property Portfolio. I highly recommend Michael and Team. They're helpful, friendly, explain things making it easy to understand and walk you through every step of the process. Highly recommended!


  • Cave Financial and team have been the absolute back bone of not only my business but my family’s future. I have so much respect and trust for your team, Michael. I’m so grateful to have your full support and feel secure with your values and guidance. I would highly recommend Cave Financial to anybody wanting peace of mind. 10/5 service!


  • Helped so much with answering all of our questions around life insurance, then got us the best deal. Couldn’t be happier. 10/10.

    Lana and Hannah

  • We’re a long-term customer of Cave Financial. Michael and his team consistently provide professional and effective services whilst making us feel valued and seen. We appreciate being a customer of yours for 10+ years.


  • I cannot recommend Michael and the team at Cave Financial highly enough. They steered me through a complicated set of mortgage applications with professionalism, good cheer, and were incredibly prompt with every query I made. On top of that they negotiated a better rate! I would not have been able to get through this arduous process without their skill and care.


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