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*Special*: Covid-19 Hub

We are living in rapidly changing and challenging times, during which it can be incredibly difficult and stressful to keep up to date with announcements and changes to policy and procedure. This page aims to bring you real-time information, along with some light relief!

We are living in rapidly changing and challenging times, during which it can be incredibly difficult and stressful to keep up to date with announcements and changes to policy and procedure. This page aims to bring you real-time information, along with some light relief!

Financial Assistance

Use the Government's central resource for Covid-19 business information, which is updated as new information is available. You can also look into applying for financial support from the Government whether you are employed or self-employed - this detailed guide gives a good breakdown of who is eligible for what and how the process works.

You can also check out our mortgage relief page for more information on what assistance is being offered by the banks. We hope this answers your questions but if you have any concerns or there is something we haven't covered, please get in touch.

Insurance providers are also offering payment suspensions for those who are suffering financial hardship. This varies between providers and individual policies so please get in touch if you would like to know what options are available to you. It is worth noting that when a premium suspension takes affect, your cover will temporarily stop for the same duration - if you were to suffer a claimable event you would not receive a pay out. Therefore make sure you talk to us and consider the implications before putting anything into action.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to not misinterpret the word 'holiday' that is being used in communications regarding deferring mortgage payments and putting a temporary suspension on insurance premiums. Interest will be capitalised on your mortgage and insurance cover will temporarily stop - get advice before making decisions!

Money Matters

We have put together a list of money saving tips that you can apply to your home and personal life, along with suggestions for business owners to ensure their companies survive now and thrive in the future.

News you may not have heard but need to know

RBNZ to remove Loan-to-value restrictions on residential lending for at least a year

Commercial property leases and mortgage guidelines released by The Ministry of Justice, and how they are affected during Alert Level 4.

What alert level 3 will look like for businesses, education, and recreation

Work visa rules relaxed during lockdown to allow businesses to make greater use of labour during level's 3 & 4

A little light relief

Podcasts have quickly become a cultural staple - a great way of informing and entertaining, they can be listened to in virtually any environment and they're free entertainment! Here is a list of our top recommendations for getting you through social distancing, home schooling, and sharing your kitchen/ now office space with your partner!

Head over to our Facebook page where we will hosting a range of competitions and giveaways, and we'd also love to see your favourite memes and jokes - after all ''a good laugh heals a lot of hurts''!

Us Kiwi's are well known for our ingenuity, and many are having to get creative and think outside the box for ways of keeping entertained. Teddy bears have been popping up in windows -check out the Facebook page 'We're not scared - NZ Bear Hunt' to see the amazing array of bears up and down the country. Staying in is the new going out, with app House Party bringing you and your pals together for a yarn and a sing along, and heck why not, a nice cold Sav! There are many ways to maintain your social life while practising social distancing and Real Simple have put together a good guide on spreading the cheer.

Whether you're eating your way through lockdown, or maintaining your usual healthy lifestyle, we've put together a list of online retailers still delivering food to your door.

If you just can't stay away from Coronavirus related facts, use this interactive tool to keep track of the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries across the world.

Helpful advice when you're unsure is what we do. Get in touch if you need any advice or guidance regarding your financial affairs at this challenging time. Stay safe, stay strong.

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