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Business Insurance

The key to any successful partnership is trust and transparency.

Working with you to secure your future

There are many risks in a business, making the life of a business owner or manager very unique. These risks can be managed, eliminated or transferred to other parties like an insurer.

Our Process

We really want to get to know you and your business - the critical areas of risk, whether that be your KeyPerson cover, debt, funding the purchase of shares from the estate of a deceased Shareholder, current commitments, and objectives & goals.

As facilitators we will work closely with your team of advisers (accountants, lawyers etc) to coordinate a business protection and succession plan specifically tailored to your business. Our unique process allows you to choose from the best products and services, and once your plan is put in place, we'll keep tabs on everything to make sure you stay on track.

Shareholder Cover

Shareholder Cover is designed to fund the buy-sell agreement commitments of a business for an employee/ owner whose total and permanent disability, terminal illness or death (whatever event happens first), would trigger a buy-sell agreement.

A lump sum payment assists the remaining shareholders in buying shares from the respective shareholder or their estate. These funds provide an increased level of financial security for all shareholders. It ensures the right amount of funds are paid from the right source to the right people at the right time. It gives certainty and control to both the remaining shareholders and the shareholder's estate.

Key Person Cover

This cover is designed to provide a capital injection into the business upon either a trauma/critical illness, the total and permanent disability, terminal illness or death (whatever event happens first) of a key employee of the business.

The loss of a key person can affect a business in a number of ways such as loss of experience, expertise and knowledge, intellectual property and key client relationships. Consequently, the loss of key people can directly affect business revenue and a capital injection. 

Debt Protection

Consider this - on whom does the success and profitability of your business rely, and how easily would the business be able to meet financial obligations if something critical were to happen to that person?

Debt Protection helps mitigate the risk of personal assets, such as your family home, being put at financial jeopardy if your company were unable to meet it's financial obligations - which usually comes as a result of the loss of a shareholder. The remaining business owners would receive a payout which can be used to repay debt and reduce the risk of company or personal insolvency. 

Employee Benefits

Arguably, your staff are your most important asset. Helping them maintain a healthy work-life balance through benefits such as subsidised Life and Health Insurance are a real added value to your employees, resulting in higher rates of staff retention for you and a sense of satisfaction and feeling valued for them.

We can help you access a range of benefits at wholesale rates which will offer significant discounts and cover for pre-existing conditions, tailor-made from some of the most reputable providers in the market. 

Fire & General Business

Damage or loss to your business assets could have a massive impact on the future of your business. Using our relationship with a leading insurance brokerage we can assist you with Fire & General insurance to protect the assets of your business, including Material Damage, Business Interruption, Machinery Breakdown and Motor Vehicles, along with Liability insurances such as General, Statutory, and Employers Liability, and Professional Indemnity to protect your liability for any damages or injury to third parties as a result of your business activity.

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  • Michael is an expert in his field and really goes the extra mile to ensure a professional, thorough and enjoyable experience when looking for Insurance cover or trusted Financial advice. Highly recommended.

    Johnny Robinson

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    Vijay Nyayapati

  • I am thrilled with the advice and service Michael provided me for financial planning and for personal insurance. Trustworthy and a very nice chap! I highly recommend his services.

    Andrew Malmo

  • Michael has consistently provided excellent service, financial advice, support and follow-up on insurance services for my business. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone needing clear and honest financial advice.

    James McGoram

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