Cave Financial Services

A group of skilled financial professionals

Cave Financial Consulting is a group of registered and Authorised Financial Advisers and Insurance Brokers. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your personal income with the right insurances, or growing your wealth with sound investment and financial advice. We also look out for your business, helping to protect against risks and ensuring continuity and growth in your business.

Working for your success

You’ll get unbiased advice and products that fit you best, because we are all independent and unaffiliated. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so we work with you every step of the way to build a strong relationship. We’ll help you secure your future and stick around to see it through. Cave Financial offers both Personal and Business services, covering financial advice and planning, Insurance and KiwiSaver.

"I am thrilled with the advice and service Michael provided me for financial planning and for personal insurance. Trustworthy and a very nice chap! I highly recommend his services."
Andrew Malmo

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Wed April 1st 2020

With current events changing daily, there is a lot of uncertainty out there and that's natural to expect. One of the biggest concerns is 'how do I manage financially if ...

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Fri Feb. 28th 2020

Buy better: How knowing what you're doing can help you negotiate.

Coronavirus: Should I be changing my Investments?

Sun Feb. 9th 2020

As the Coronavirus epidemic enters it's tenth week, Investors around the world continue to assess the long-term economic effects of the epidemic, with mixed verdicts.