Darrell Colmore-Williams

Registered Financial Adviser (RFA)

Working with Cave Financial since 2003, Darrell is a Registered Financial Adviser and specialises in Group Insurance and Workplace Employer Benefits.

He works closely with the major Insurers and knows the market intimately. With Cave Financial resources and networks on hand, employee schemes have become Darrell's forté. He can match your needs to the most appropriate insurance providers.

His ability to manage the administrative side of the Group schemes, including handling any claims, makes him invaluable. If needed, he can provide a seamless transfer from existing schemes.

Darrell's enthusiastic nature and his belief in what he does, means he is constantly looking for ways to improve his services. His communication skills mean you will always know what's going on.

In his spare time Darrell plays golf, rugby, cycling and tennis. When it's time to relax, he goes to the movies and the theatre.


  • Michael has consistently provided excellent service, financial advice, support and follow-up on insurance services for my business. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone needing clear and honest financial advice.

    James McGoram

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