Case Study: Erik

Fri June 10th 2016

While Erik couldn't see the point of life insurance, he could see Michael made some good points about trauma cover, medical insurance and income protection.

Case Study: Insurance cover when it was needed the most

Erik Molving was working as a successful property valuer when Michael Cave came into his office offering various kinds of insurance. While Erik couldn't see the point of life insurance, he could see Michael made some good points about trauma cover, medical insurance and income protection. Erik's considerable salary and the lifestyle he'd worked hard for was worth protecting, so after discussing the ins and outs of the policies, he signed on the dotted line. Turns out, it was the best idea he ever had.

A few years later, Erik took up speedway racing. He understood the risks and really enjoyed himself. But in 2008 he was involved in a fiery accident on the speedway and suffered horrific burns over 65% of his body. As Erik says, when you're on fire for more than 20 seconds it feels like a lifetime.

"I was burnt so deep in some places, I couldn't even feel it," Erik says.

A miracle recovery

Erik wasn't expected to live; he was in a coma for 40 days, and in hospital fighting for his life for months longer. He lost seven fingers, but – miraculously – he survived.

Picking up the pieces of his life was made that much easier because he had a financial cushion to fall back on. While he was still unconscious, Michael Cave starting the wheels in motion. A lump sum trauma payment was made first - $100,000 deposited in his account, which gave everyone involved more options and a bit of breathing room. Although Erik was being cared for by the public system, his medical insurance picked up the slack – covering things like transport from Whangaparoa to Middlemore and meal and accomodation costs for his wife at the time. Michael Cave's prompt work on the claims side was fantastic – but his personal attention when aboveand beyond, says Erik.

"He came to see me in hospital, asked how I was getting on, and could he do anything for me. He saw my then-wife, made sure the estate planning was up to date so she could sign all the papers while I was in the coma."

A lifesaver

Getting Erik's income protection claim resolved wasn't smooth sailing. The insurance company had questioned the timing of his accident; they wanted to be sure that his policy had not been taken out after he began speedway racing, or because of it.

"Of course it was years before I started at the speedway," says Erik. "I hadn't even thought of it when I took out the policy."

Again, Michael's input was invaluable. He went out of his way to prove that Erik's speedway activity began long after he'd taken out his insurance. The company duly paid out on Erik's claim – something he can't imagine life without.

"With no fingers, I can't really work so the ongoing income protection pay out is life saver.

"Michael really looked after me, and I can't say enough good things about him."

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