Three Benefits Of Using A Financial Adviser

Mon April 23rd 2018

A new era of fee transparency to KiwiSaver from 1 April 2018. Statements issued by KiwiSaver Providers from April 1st 2018 must now show the fees paid by customers in dollar figures, rather than a percentage value . As a saver, it is important you understand fees – what they are and why you’re paying them. Read more here to find out what the changes mean for you.

When there are so many online options available or different financial companies offering enticing deals, what are the benefits of sticking with a financial adviser? The short answer is plenty. Here at Cave Financial we're all about building strong and personal relationships and have your best interests as our primary concern. We believe our commitment to personal advocacy will help you achieve your personal or business financial goals. So, let's find out more about the benefits of using a financial adviser.

1. A good financial adviser understands you.

Rather like a long-standing GP, a good financial adviser will quickly become a trusted guide. Over time the adviser will get to know you, your family circumstances and outlook on life as well as your financial goals and habits.

A good financial adviser can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring you have life's bases covered and are prepared for all eventualities. They have the knowledge and expertise and will take the time to sit down and explain to you what the options are and the possible impact of any decisions you make. This kind of personal service just isn't available with online options where at best it's a quick questionnaire before you're presented with an option. A good financial adviser will provide consistent support through every stage of life and not just for a one-off or emergency.

2. A good adviser provides personal solutions.

Everyone's situation is different, and a good financial adviser will help you find a solution that meets your needs and circumstances rather than a one-size-fits-all. Here at Cave Financial we offer qualified advice taking the time to research and find a solution that meets your individual needs. And that kind of tailored, bespoke advice isn't always available with online options or other financial advice companies.

We believe in helping clients develop a thorough financial plan that takes them through all of life's stages. The plan is aimed at achieving short, medium and long-term goals and provides an overall picture of your financial situation that can then be monitored, reviewed and altered in the light of changing circumstances. This helps you stay on track and focused and makes life simpler knowing that you are in control of your finances.

3. A good financial adviser anticipates your needs.

Keeping you up to date with changes in the law or regulations that directly affect you is part and parcel of the role of a good financial adviser. However, here at Cave Financial we take that responsibility a step further by anticipating your needs. Sometimes changes in legislation can impact on, for example, your retirement goals. As good financial advisers, we make those connections for you and ensure your financial plan is updated so that it's still working for you.

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And so, if expert, personalised guidance from a trusted adviser is as important to you as it is to us, then get in touch with Cave Financial. We can provide the support and advice you need to achieve your financial goals.

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    Johnny Robinson

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    Vijay Nyayapati

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    James McGoram

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