Natalie's Story

Sat Nov. 1st 2014

Natalie Murphy went through cancer without the support that life insurance can provide.

She didn't want that to happen to anyone else so she approached Asteron through her insurance adviser, so that others could learn from her journey.

Natalie Murphy was 32 years old when she found out she had breast cancer. A few months later, she was told it was terminal.

This is Natalie's story..

"Just before giving birth to my son Jackson, I noticed a lump. I was told it was probably just my milk coming in.

They say you never forget the moment you first find out that it's cancer. - It's so true.

Three weeks later waiting for my mastectomy my surgeon rushed in: "I'm really sorry Natalie, but the cancer is in your liver and possibly in your lungs."

The oncologist said that with chemo, I was looking at 2 to 5 years. We walked out smiling… it was the craziest feeling! - How could we be so happy? - Well, I could have got hit by a bus and had no time with Greg and Jackson.

Don't wait until you're in my shoes one day. Please learn from my journey.

Appreciate your life now. Look after it. Appreciate the partner who drives you crazy sometimes. Appreciate your children who whine and exhaust you…because you love them more than life.

Get medical and life insurance – now.

We were about a month away from getting it when we found out I was sick. Having the extra money might have made a big difference to my health. If there is something you always wanted to do, go and do it!"

Natalie died on 19 December 2011 at home, surrounded by her family and friends.

A message from Natalie's husband Greg Murphy:

"Having life and trauma insurance was something that we felt strongly about. We didn't have it when Natalie got sick and it would have helped a lot.

It would have paid for more vitamin and medical treatments…which Natalie had started to give her more time with us. It would have paid for me to have had time off work while she was sick.

Time with us is what she wanted above anything else.

I have an amazing little boy to bring up and I want to know…I need to know, that if anything happens to me, he is protected financially."

Thank you to Natalie and Greg for sharing their story.

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