Banks At War

Wed April 17th 2019

Banks are at war right now over who can offer the lowest interest rates.

Banks are at war right now over who can offer the lowest interest rates.

They are competing hard for a market share and now is the time to secure the best rate for your mortgage. Rates are now as low as 3.95%. Banks are reducing their rates as a result of changing economic factors, which means you'll need to be quick as these low rates won't be around for ever. These are a limited offer, so act now.

It is important to shop around as the market is very competitive. As mortgage brokers we can negotiate with the banks on your behalf to get you the best deal. Not only can you get a great rate on your mortgage, there are also excellent cashback contributions available. Banks are open to match deals from other providers when a broker is negotiating a deal - they don't advertise this so make sure you speak to us before you take a banks first offer.

There are several things to consider when refixing your mortgage. Break fees need to be taken into account, but the savings made by the low interest rate is often significantly more than the break fee. We can calculate this and advise you about what is best for you. Also, by including the cashback contribution the savings are even greater. The structure of your mortgage makes a huge difference to how much interest you will pay over the length of your mortgage. We can offer advice about how you can take advantage of this and save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

A review of your current situation helps you see if you are optimising the way your mortgage is structured for your current status.

These mortgage specials are a limited offer, so act now.

Contact us today to see how you can save on your repayments and pay off your mortgage sooner.

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